Terrible Book Reviews – XII – “Aha, ha, ha, ha” edition

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Oh No(riko)

This isn’t a joke. I repeat, she’s being serious.

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I have no book shelf-space, but when did that become a hindrance to taking in loot?

Free books, yum! Chronicle Books is giving away $500 worth of books; and this my list, which is about $4 short of the total prize. I’d truly devastate all product-value-guessing humanity on The Price Is Right.

Also, if I win a commenter on this post has a shot to get the books I picked. Booze Cakes cookbook is on the list, come on.

At Home With Friends
Dinner Parties
Booze Cakes
Sweet Miniatures
Killer Pies
Killer Chili
Luscious Creamy Desserts

Savory Baking

Sticky, Chewy, Messy, Gooey Treats for Kids
Chocolate Cakes
Restaurants to Check Out
School Years
Ticket Stub Diary
My Quotable Kid
The Little Books Boxed Set
The Small Stakes
Mini Goals Notepad
Guac Off!
Cooking for Two
The Peanut Butter & Co. Cookbook
The First Real Kitchen Cookbook
A Gracious Welcome
Same Place, More Space

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Terrible Book Review XI – Irrelevant Edition

I’ll happily take a job deleting all of the amazon book reviews that complain about the physical shape of the book/cost of the kindle copy/shipping time, which then tank the book’s ratings and make people like me skip over checking out books because the gold stars aren’t filled to the brim.

But points to ‘Book Lover NYC’ for the vivid hoarder imagery.


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Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

So, uh, learning how to make .gifs has apparently turned into a time-suck. It’s the best.

Next stop – making one of a whole 90 minute film! It’s like a silent movie that eats up all your bandwith.

also, this:

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Finally figured out how to make my own .gif! And of course it’s from Married With Children.

Goals – slaying all of the meaningless ones like a pro.

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Autumn Mix!

Autumn Mix!

  1. Josh Garrels – Lake Yarina
  2. Efterklang – Natural Tune
  3. Fredrik – Flax
  4. The Books – Free Translator
  5. The Sleeping Years – Cattle and Cane
  6. The Unwinding Hours – Traces
  7. Passenger – Flight Of The Crow
  8. Peter Gabriel – Heroes
  9. Johnny Flynn – The Water
  10. Nick Cave & Warren Ellis – All Things Beautiful
  11. LeeDM101 – Bob’s Twilight Phone
  12. Peter Broderick + Nils Frahm – Harmonics
  13. Engineers – Let’s Just See
  14. DM Stith – Suzanne
  15. Eluvium – Weird Creatures
  16. Neko Case – Maybe Sparrow
  17. Paul Simon -The Cool, Cool River
  18. Kisses – People Can Do the Most Amazing of Things
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