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Irish Artist Love

I’ve recently really been into Bell X1. Their style is a nice change of pace from my typical dreary sad music of choice. Here a a few tracks that I have on repeat today. Bell X1 – The Ribs of … Continue reading

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  I’m the one of those lucky souls who gains 5lbs just from looking at a piece of cheesecake. I used to eat whatever I wanted when I was playing basketball and volleyball in high school (Slurpee, Butterfingers bar and … Continue reading

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It’s sometimes fun to make babies cry. — My sister-in-law Coca We need to create a site dedicated to her one-liners. (via)

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Lord! It’s a miracle! Man up and vanished like a fart in the wind!

What is it about Shawshank Redemption that makes me stop what I’m doing to watch it when it’s on TV?  Possibly because of lines like “What say you there, fuzzy-britches?”

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I finished book #17 today (out of my scheduled 52 for this year) – Love Is A Mix Tape: Life and Loss, One Song At A Time by Rob Sheffield. Just a really sweet (and sad) short memoir on his … Continue reading

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Fat File

One of a growing number of pictures (some movies, some real people) that cycle as my macbook wallpaper to serve as a warning of what could happen if I eat one too many peanut butter and apricot/boysenberry/plum jam sandwiches. Do … Continue reading

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Go Cry In Your Milk

Diana Ross & The Supremes – The Beginning of the End (mp3) Feeling this song tonight. “Tender words of love that once came easy Now seem strained and insincere Could this be the beginning, The beginning of the end? You … Continue reading

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