Thanks man!

I was watching The Namesake when it got to about 75 minutes in and wouldn’t play anymore because of scratches (thanks, Netflix!). I didn’t care enough to find another way to watch it so I searched for a summary of the book to know how it ended. I found an “essay” (had to have been written by a 14 year old because of lines like “The book ends, with him thinking that he is now free to do what he pleases without having to worry about a trouble in his life.” Okay…), which had this accompanying comment. Can’t explain why, but I chuckled.

dumb dumb dumb

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My name is Andrea, and I'm a 23 year old Southern California girl and a newly minted Speech-Language Pathologist. When I’m not high-fiving 8-year-olds for finally producing a good /r/ sound, I fill my time with Peter Gabriel, Ayn Rand, Phil Hendrie, bicycles, Korean stationery, movie marathon nights, and baking. You can email me at
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