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“How we are almost nothing. We think, in our youth, we are the centre of the universe, but we simply respond, go this way or that by accident, survive or improve by the luck of the draw, with little choice … Continue reading

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Song Obsession :: *Sniffle* Edition

Chris Garneau – “The Leaving Song” (mp3) Damn, Garneau. Here I was enjoying some peaches and a good book (Divisadero by Michael Ondaatje) and your ridiculously sad song shuffled on. Quit with the sniffle-inducing violins and warbly voice already, gawd.

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GIF of the Day – Groucho Kiss

He seems happily surprised, no?

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Facebook Questions Answered, II

1. Put the bean and cheese burrito down. 2. Wash your hands. 3. This.

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Why I Love Apple

My iPod had the decency to poop out on me after I somehow made a wise decision in creating an updated backup and also just a week before my warranty expired. The free iPod replacement prompted this girl do a … Continue reading

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Quotes Like These Eat Away At My Soul

These people are in their 20s. I need to re-evaluate who I’m friends with on that site. And not read/comment on dumb updates at 2AM.

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