Awesome Show, Great Job!

Sexual Romance
Tim and Eric had a show at The Grove last night and I was in attendance.

The only thing I can say about them is that anyone working there over the age of 25 who watched was probably stupified by what was taking place on stage. I’ve seen all of the episodes and was still a little wide-eyed watching.

Short clip my sister filmed of their intro dance routine. Yes, that’s a nude + nutsack suit they’re sporting. Yes, they’re singing about diarrhea. No, I’m not an idiot for liking their show.

And if you want to see the largest gathering of giggling 17 year old boys all wearing matchstick jeans and white undershirts and dancing to this music, get yourself a ticket and enjoy the spectacle both on and off the stage. Also, I think going to any event in general always reminds how very minor a fan I am of the entertainer in comparison to 90% of the people there. I don’t know, learning that a singer has a third nipple and enjoys sleeping with a lock of his first girlfriend’s hair under his pillow doesn’t do anything for me.


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My name is Andrea, and I'm a 23 year old Southern California girl and a newly minted Speech-Language Pathologist. When I’m not high-fiving 8-year-olds for finally producing a good /r/ sound, I fill my time with Peter Gabriel, Ayn Rand, Phil Hendrie, bicycles, Korean stationery, movie marathon nights, and baking. You can email me at
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