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Writing papers on a Saturday embodies all that is evil in this world

And the paper is about idiom understanding in children with poor reading comprehension skills. So, double open-palm slap of the face there.

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This is what is referred to as “phoning it in”, comic book writers

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More stuff from the internets

1.  Obnoxious. Just tell me how to bake the cute individual butterscotch pecan pies and leave the “I hate Walmart, grr, so awful… (even though I shop there all the time because they’re affordable). But aren’t they such bastards?” lame … Continue reading

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Lorrie Moore (Books #55-57)

I’m generally late to the good authors/books party, and Lorrie Moore is one I’ve recently discovered. I grabbed three of her books from the school library and read them all in a little over a week. She can write an … Continue reading

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Song Obsession :: Good Books – “Only You” (Yazoo cover)

Good Books – “Only You” (Yazoo cover) (mp3) The plodding notes and background ambient/static effects are lovely. It’s like they modernized the electronic 80’s into indie electronic 00’s. Dig it.

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Does 24 mean I’m officially in my mid-20s?

I turned 24 today. Oof. Thank God I found semi-normal activities to distract me today (Disneyland! Angels vs. Red Sox Game 2!), otherwise I’d be huddled away in a corner of the house reading/watching archived Mark Steyn articles/videos, binge eating … Continue reading

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