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Tonight I expand my currently limited but satisfactory savory cooking repertoire of carnitas/omelets/salmon/carne asada/hot dogs/PB&J. Advertisements

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Teaching kids social skills is getting a little iffy. It takes everything in me to not say, “Digging for gold?” when I see nose-picking during group therapy. Glamorous job, y’all..

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Workforce, ahoy!

One of the complaints against my graduate program, and the whines are racking up as I come close to finishing and am increasingly jaded with the reality of this job, is not being taught how to write resumes/apply/interview for these specific … Continue reading

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Terrible Book Reviews V

I don’t know about you, but I’m totally in the dark as to why his review (for Shades of Grey by Jasper Fforde) wasn’t published. Also not too sure why his other reviews were published.

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Public School Happenings – Week 7/16

Observations and knowledge I’ve accumulated from the kids at my practicum site this week. I learned that a comma is a worm that turns into an apostrophe butterfly. A kid was hawking some saliva and didn’t think to stop walking … Continue reading

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I have a GoWearFit device I wear, and this little chart tells me approximately what I burned today. Notice the highlighted 6-7PM time slot, which is the highest level of physical exertion all day.  That’s when I saw my therapy … Continue reading

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