Public School Happenings – Week 7/16

Observations and knowledge I’ve accumulated from the kids at my practicum site this week.

  • I learned that a comma is a worm that turns into an apostrophe butterfly.
  • A kid was hawking some saliva and didn’t think to stop walking while doing this. Plop, he walked into his own loogie. I chuckled, twirled my whistle and carried on with morning yard duty.
  • I’ve been called Mrs. one too many times by some of these kids and I’m going to have to upturn some tables to get that business straightened out.
  • This game gets kids riled up in competition. I take the bets down on which snails they think will come in first and last and then let them live and die by the roll of the dice. It’s fun because it’s basically beginners gambling for children!

In other news:

What’s better than late-night online amazon book shopping? Late-night university inter-library loan requests of books (both profession-related and a few fiction thrown in for giggles, shipped free of charge), of course!


About bunkercomplex

My name is Andrea, and I'm a 23 year old Southern California girl and a newly minted Speech-Language Pathologist. When I’m not high-fiving 8-year-olds for finally producing a good /r/ sound, I fill my time with Peter Gabriel, Ayn Rand, Phil Hendrie, bicycles, Korean stationery, movie marathon nights, and baking. You can email me at
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