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Summer Songs

I dig these. Cut Copy – Where I’m Going (mp3) Jamaica – I Think I Like U 2 (mp3) Wave Machines – Keep the Lights On (mp3) Advertisements

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A&E can quit calling me now

For the last 2 weeks I’ve been successfully beating back my inner hoarder (which I believe the majority of people teeter on the edge of becoming) by doing a massive upheaval and reorganization of my room and closet. I’ve filled … Continue reading

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I can feel my IQ tick up while reading anything by Kundera (Or: How to feel good about yourself after reading a few Sookie Stackhouse books)

“What? We feel aesthetic pleasure at a sonata by Beethoven and not at one with the same style and charm if it comes from one of our own contemporaries? Isn’t that the height of hypocrisy? So then the sensation of … Continue reading

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Terrible Book Reviews X

I don’t know, I kinda dig copying and pasting out-of-context emails for amazon reviews. This review’s sole reply comment does sum it up nicely, though – –

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I Write Like…

…an author whose books I don’t enjoy reading… And of course I’m presumptuous and take this .3 sec analysis as gold.

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GIF of the Day

SLP licensure paperwork, grr. (Click image for full effect)

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Avoiding real work? Here’s a puzzle for ya.

Best game to play when recovering from an hour and a half job interview where you’re barraged with questions about your stance on various theories and methods, which required pulling cashing in some of your best bull-crap responses, all along … Continue reading

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