Book Recommendation(s): Robin Hobb’s The Farseer Trilogy

Currently reading Robin Hobb’s The Farseer Trilogy, which are great great books (and are the 70-72nd books I’ve read this year, holla! *pat myself on the back because no one else will nor cares*). This is coming from someone who’s just ventured into the intimidatingly vast fantasy genre like a babe in the woods, minus reading Harry Potter and the stray mainstream fantasy novels. I don’t know what’s good or which author is tops, I just randomly stumbled upon it and hit a little gold vein. It has the right mix of adventure, romance, political subterfuge, and a world where the reader isn’t bludgeoned by a heavy-handed use of magical elements. This series is epic, in its true use of the word. I also (temporarily) got over my hangup of dismissing a book based on the cover (the American covers I own, unfortunately not the images above, are eye-rollers at best. Why do the Brits get all the best cover artwork?), so accomplishments abound all around.

—- Also, this FAQ section from Ms. Hobb’s website gave her an easy 5,000 arcade pinball points in my favorite authors list. —-


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