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Terrible Book Reviews – XII – “Aha, ha, ha, ha” edition


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I have no book shelf-space, but when did that become a hindrance to taking in loot?

Free books, yum! Chronicle Books is giving away $500 worth of books; and this my list, which is about $4 short of the total prize. I’d truly devastate all product-value-guessing humanity on The Price Is Right. Also, if I win … Continue reading

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Terrible Book Review XI – Irrelevant Edition

I’ll happily take a job deleting all of the amazon book reviews that complain about the physical shape of the book/cost of the kindle copy/shipping time, which then tank the book’s ratings and make people like me skip over checking … Continue reading

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Terrible Book Reviews X – Illiterate Edition

If you like the feeling of getting your glabella pricked with a needle over and over, read the whole review. (Also, she gives “crap” 3 stars?)

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What’s worse than an underlined-to-death library book?

(uninsightful) COMMENTARY. It’s bad enough to have underlining from some stooge forcefully emphasizing where to place my reading focus, but writing in a library book drives me slightly cuckoo. And not just any writing, but the comments and drawings of … Continue reading

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Terrible Book Reviews IX

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Book Recommendation(s): Robin Hobb’s The Farseer Trilogy

Currently reading Robin Hobb’s The Farseer Trilogy, which are great great books (and are the 70-72nd books I’ve read this year, holla! *pat myself on the back because no one else will nor cares*). This is coming from someone who’s … Continue reading

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