Terrible Book Reviews X – Illiterate Edition

If you like the feeling of getting your glabella pricked with a needle over and over, read the whole review.

(Also, she gives “crap” 3 stars?)

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Yes x100

7 Things You Really Don’t Need To Take A Photo Of

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25 years today. Lord…

I don’t know, do people make resolutions for their birthday?

Mine: Enjoy this year aand.. drink a mojito and eat fancy delicious food this weekend with friends/family. That should cover it.

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Cold calling for employment is kryptonite for my Type B self

My anecdote to make it all tolerable: Write those bastard phone numbers on an A.D.D.-riddled Korean stationery sheet, write out a pre-scripted intro to read for each call, and have a regroup session between each call by nervously pacing to Miami Horror’s song Holidays. WHY don’t these clinics have websites and email addresses?

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New Lovelies

Yum, J. Crew sale purchase.

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GIF of the day

I don’t know anything about Dead Rising 2, but I’m buying the game solely because of this gif.

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Oh (no) Sherrie

When you’re having a bad day (old medical problems sprung up again, hurrah), this picture does nothing to improve it. Steve Perry, nooo…

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